NaNoWriMo challenge accepted: Rebooting Hollywood is a go..

I tried the National Novel Writing Month challenge last year but failed miserably after the first chapter. This year I’m eager and willing and fully intend to make it through November and have some resemblance of a novel by the end of it.

This is what I have so far:

Rebooting Hollywood (provisional title) is set a few years from now where a conglomerate of film studios decides it’s about time to do away with the various guilds costing them enormous sums of money to appease (SAG, WAG, DGA and so forth). The studio execs work together to replace the various guilds with a computer system capable of generating a film entirely from scratch with minimal human input.

Based on advanced AI and statistical algorithms indexed to current market trends, project CineVirtual will generate a complete film from storyline and screenplay all the way through to generating a completely CG imaged film with virtual actors (including realistic speech synthesis) and will even self-distribute through leading cinema chains digital projection systems.

The Hollywood guilds do not take kindly to this. A war starts brewing.

What I like about this idea is it takes existing stories about virtual actors and expands on it dramatically. During my own time in the film industry I’ve heard some pretty damn ambitious attempts at automating parts of the filmmaking process, and given the advances in computer and hardware engineering – well, anything is possible.

You can follow my progress with Rebooting Hollywood here at NaNoWriMo:

If it works out reasonably well, perhaps I could adapt the story during the month of April when it’s Script Frenzy.