1.21 Gigawatts? Virgin Media Volt Speed Boost Shenanigans

Warp speed, captain!

If, like me, you have accounts with EE, O2 and Virgin Media – occasionally, just occasionally, two companies like to get it together (so to speak). With O2 and Virgin Media joining forces, my Virgin Media broadband is – apparently – going from M500 (500Mbs) to Volt Gig1 (1Gbs) free of charge.

Is my account telling the truth? We’ll find out soon enough..

The strange thing is that I initially found out about this through a cryptic message from Virgin Media that my Volt add-ons were active, and that I qualified for a speed boost. In order to do that, they said, they’d need to send me a new modem.

Initially I thought this might be the M600 product which is a tiny bit faster – but my account shows the max speed possible. Yet there is nothing on the Virgin Media website that says Gig1 is available in my area – yet, according to Surrey County Council, the service is available as close as Guildford. Virgin Media aims to roll out Gig1 throughout the country by the end of 2021, so it seems plausible that it is available in my area – but only for existing customers.

I should be getting the modem tomorrow, so I’ll report back whether anything changes in terms of speed. I personally look forward to more upload speeds (52Mbs versus 38Mbs), but having a few extra hundred Mb/s won’t be too bad – it’s a pity that I won’t be able to get the full 1Gb/s due to networking overheads (so it’ll max out around 940Mbs or so over ethernet).

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