Cradle to Grave: Brilliant TV series, but no Blu-Ray version?

Update: Still no Blu-Ray, but here are a few other options..

I’m not sure whether you’ve all watched the brilliant BBC (ironically produced by ITV Studios) comedy, Cradle to Grave, based on Danny Baker’s autobiography “Going to Sea in a Sieve“.  It’s brilliant and one of the best comedies I’ve recently watched (along with Emma Kennedy’s The Kennedys).

But I’m somewhat taken aback that despite the show being shot in HD, there’s no Blu-Ray!  Just a bog standard definition DVD.

In this day of HD and Ultra HD formats, it’s almost unforgivable that a popular TV show is given a DVD only treatment.  Usually when a TV show or film is release for the home video market, both formats are released simultaneously.  Perhaps the BBC/ITV Studios are planning a later Blu-Ray release, but split distribution dates for different formats is very rare.  It’s an all or nothing approach.

As a sidenote: I still don’t understand Sky’s Buy It and Keep service.  You buy the film in HD, and it’s downloaded to your Sky+ box in HD “forever” (or until you leave Sky, after which you’re snookered), and you get a copy of the DVD through the post.  You’ve bought the HD digital Sky DRMed-to-the-hilt copy, but you get a standard definition DVD?  No thanks.  Never going to use such a service until HD on the Sky box, HD in physical format.

Incidently, I was tickled when searching for the Blu-Ray version of Cradle to Grave to discover that the BBFC still refers to the VHS format for home video content.

I won’t be buying the DVD despite thoroughly enjoying the series.  I’ll wait until I know something about the Blu-Ray release, or I’ll just have to buy the series on some non-physical format.  It’s available via iTunes for £11.99 in HD, for example.  I would, still nevertheless, prefer a physical copy.

But I do recommend to those people that enjoyed the TV series to buy the book (available in all good physical and digital formats).  You will be laughing like a loon.  I certainly am (and as such have already bought the follow-up book).