Hodor! Hodor! Silence in the house!

Well, the past week has been quite fascinating from a political point of view.  I’d never thought of myself being particularly political, but after the farce of the last week, I’m getting interested in the whole thing.  I’ve purchased a trial subscription to the Economist (my boss reads it and often quotes, so it makes sense to buy my own sub), and..

I’ll soon be a member of the Conservative party.  And rejoining the Labour party.  All for less than a large mocha and a pain au chocolat from Costa.

I’m almightily sick of the power struggle within our two main political parties.  We should all be working together to get this country back on track because for the next couple of years IF article 50 is ever invoked means that we’re going to have to be friendly and polite towards each other to get things done.  Not backstabbing, career progressing, self-serving nonsense that’s coming from both camps.

Initially I was going to just be a member of the Conservatives.  I’ve never been a Conservative member before, and perhaps only voted for them once in all the years I’ve been voting.  But if these guys are going to be in charge for a bit longer, one needs to know what’s going on, what’s being said, and what’s being done.  And the ability to vote after three months will be a bonus (eventually) whenever the (inevitable) power struggle occurs again.

Ditto for Labour.  I’m so angry with those MPs that resigned.  Corbyn may not have been as vocal as he could be – but he’s not one of these people that foam at the mouth.  He has stated Labour’s position on the referendum and their stance on Europe: remain.  But what can the shadow cabinet honestly do?  Mind you, I terminated my Labour membership earlier this year when the shadow cabinet barely raised eyebrows at Theresa (“I’m running for PM”) May’s Snooper’s Charter bill.

I feel utterly useless at times when it comes to voting.  We desperately need to re-think the first past the post system, along with many other matters that result in the voters ending up with an entirely different outcome to what they think will happen.  I’m not saying that I’m bitter because I didn’t get the result I wanted, just that if X happens, I should expect Y or Z, not A, B or C.

I’ll see how things go, and will then drop support for the political party I think have stuffed it up the most.  At the moment that goes to Labour.  With enough support it may be possible to steer the Conservatives in the right direction somehow.  Somehow.

(Good job I’m generally positive about things, isn’t it?)

Willoughby the dog from Tex Avery’s Of Fox and Hounds, for me, sums up British politics and politicians at the moment:

Well, I should have seen it coming..

.. but I was very confident that we’d remain in the EU, albeit we’d push harder to protect UK interests.  But nope.  It looks like we’re getting out (subject to MP parliamentary approval) and we’re going to do it alone.

So what better way to start the day with an unexpected Brexit-fast, complete with Pain Au Chocolat – which will probably be renamed Chocolate Roll under new UK regulations.


The House of Fun: Galaxy S7 Edge photo test

Last night I met up with a fellow former Google Apps Top Contributor who was in London for a few days.  Anurag and I went on a whistlestop tour of Westminister and the South Bank, stopping off at the local McDonalds for something to eat and drink.  It was absolutely boiling, but I managed to take some great photos using my Galaxy S7 Edge camera.  Clicking on each photo opens the original file, so you can see how detailed the full-size image is.

Much better than the iPhone 6S Plus in my opinion.

We did spot a large number of journalists along the South Bank setting up camera kit for their reports on the EU Referendum.  Most of them were standing against the backdrop of the Houses of Parliment.  I’d imagine today the South Bank is overrun with reporters.

Also: Android Pay, like Apple Pay, can be pretty spotty on TfL contactless readers. Sometimes you have to change to a different barrier if the one you want to use rejects the phone/card.  Do hope TfL fixes this.

Handy tip for those using external switches with Sky Q Hub

If you’re going to be using an external gigabit switch with your Sky Q Hub, make sure that the cable that connects between the Sky Q Hub and your switch uses a gigabit capable cable (e.g. cat5(e)/6).  I know that sounds silly, but if you try a cable that’s only capable of Fast Ethernet (up to 100Mb), and you have gigabit devices connected to your external switch, you’ll run into problems with those gigabit devices.  So make sure the uplink capable is a cat5/cat5/cat6.  I don’t think  auto-negotiation is quite right on the Sky Q Hub – hence pick your cable carefully.

So make sure your uplink capable is a cat5/cat5/cat6 cable.

PS – Sky Fibre Pro is now providing native IPv6 connectivity on the WAN port.  So now you can browse IPv6 sites without the need of a tunnel broker.  It’s not a static IP from what I can see (unlike my IPv4 address), but it’s better than nothing!

Book ’em Danno!

Okay, but my name’s not Danno (it’s Raymond Luxury Yacht)..

I’ve taken the first step in getting my full driving license – booked the theory test via the Government services site.  Ironically the tests are administered by Pearson Vue, an American company.  But they drive on the other side of the road!

August 2, 8am – just before I head to work.  That gives me a little over a month and a bit to revise and make sure I understand all the major signs and to brush up on my hazard awareness.  Mind you, if I’m learning on the job during the practical lessons, I’m doing it wrong.  And speaking of the practical lessons – they’re a mixed bag.  On one hand I’ve nearly had a head-on collision when checking my mirrors parking outside my house – the other time was not letting a van exit the roundabout (“the roundabout’s MINE – ALL MINE!”).  And let’s not forgetting almost flattening a cyclist when I “guessed” how far behind he was when overtaking rather than using my mirrors.

Sigh.  Roll on autonomous cars..