Forget the iMac Pro..

.. this beast was the bee’s knees of its time.

It got me through my BTEC National Diploma with flying colours (well, in this Apple IIe’s case – green) thanks to its built it assembly code/debugging environment.  Three disc drives.  Expandable slots.  Introduced me to spreadsheets.

I was an Apple fan long before it was fashionable to be so…

The Apple IIe also didn’t cost £12,428 fully maxed out – unless it did.  I have no idea.  It was a freebie.

Subscription shaving?

Yes, it’s true.  Everything is subscription based now.  And shaving is no exception.

Being fed up with having to remember to buy expensive Gillette blades and gel every few months (£15 for a pack of 4) or growing a terrible beard, I was bombarded by adverts from Harry’s, a US-based shaving company that’s now selling to the UK.  It’s subscription-based in which you sign up for a trial for £3.95 which includes the razor, one blade and a small bottle of shaving gel, after which you can choose to receive either a set of 8 blades or 8 blades and some gel every 2-3 months.  It’s cheaper than what I’d splash out on Gillette stuff, so I decided to give it a go.

Having received the trial kit (it arrived at my neighbours as it seemingly wouldn’t fit through the letterbox – so all future deliveries are being sent to work), I’ve got to say that the presentation is pretty good.

Harry’s trial shave kit unboxing!

Having used it for a couple of days, I am hugely impressed with both the gel and blade – a very smooth shave and I find it doesn’t irritate my neck as often the more commercial blades do.  So I’m keeping the subscription going to see how it fares in the long term.