AirPods are not washing pods

I’ve had them for over a year, and now they’re utterly dead.  They’re not pining for the Apple Store.  They are dead.  DEAD.

They look flippin’ odd, but their portability more than makes up for it.

In a rush to get some washing done, I inadvertently put my Apple AirPods into the washing machine while they were still in my trouser pockets.  Cargo trousers are a wonderful thing with all those pockets, but if you forget you’ve put something in there, it can lead to disaster.

I only realised that I had done this the day after.  Needless to say it doesn’t charge (the battery case just gets hot).  Thankfully, EE has an option whereby you can add accessories to an existing plan – so I’ve bought new AirPods.  Given my commutes can take 3 hours depending on terrible South Western Railways and Network Rail can be, I’ve found these to be essential in my daily life.  I’d ask Apple to consider making the next generation of AirPods waterproof, but there’s a reason they’re a $1 trillion company…

Now, it’s possible that I might get the old ones repaired – I have a three year guarantee with Stormfront.  But I doubt it covers accidental damage.  But I’d be curious to know what the cost is.  If it’s reasonable – and fixable – they would be regulated to my second, backup pair.  Meanwhile, I shall be extra, extra careful when checking pockets in my trousers before putting them in the washing machine!

No Ant-Man, just the wasps

Got a surprise call from the neighbours on Sunday who spotted that I had some unexpected tenants that had moved it.  A not insignificant number of wasps were moving in and out of one of the eaves under my extension. So I called a company who specialises in wasp removal and arranged for somebody to come around on Tuesday.

The day before they were given the eviction notice…

After a quick spray of something that the wasps really didn’t like, it was fascinating to see a whole bunch of very confused, very angry wasps essentially staring at the place they once called home before flying off.