I love anything vaudeville. I’ve been a big fan of vaudeville ever since I became a fan of Charlie Chaplin. People like Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, and many, many more besides having been entertaining millions long past their deaths. They are as immortal as you’re ever likely to get. I really […]

When I left university, my first job was working at a local company in Norwich that specialised in building, selling and repairing PCs. I learnt to build a PC from scratch – installing the motherboard, CPU, RAM, hard drives and CD-ROM drives and how to diagnose problems with existing systems. But the overall goal was […]

It’s almost everybody’s New Year resolution to get fit. Stay off the booze, eat more healthily, etc. etc. But in my case, it’s truly a resolution that I intend to keep. For most of my adult life I’ve always been quite “bulky”, but over the past few years I’ve been putting on the pounds. And […]

Got very grumpy with WordPress.com and its lack of features (well, most importantly the lack of Google Analytics support unless you spend a tonne more money with them, but also that you can’t use the ‘www’ subdomain) and decided to self-host again. I’m back on a cheap VPS deal. In fact, it’s costing me more […]