.. this is the closest to being so. I think numbers were mixed up as to which razor size was going to be used, and it was a bit too late.. though you never argue with a man with a cut-throat razor!


Shades of Walter White going on there (or in case Sony Pictures is reading this, to avoid trademark infringement – generic evil man).

Oh well. At least it’ll grow back. But the one good thing is that it shows off that I was once blonde. The amount of grey and almost white hair chopped off was alarming.

My 70’s and 80’s musical education continues with a look at Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band. Not only do I love the name, but the band’s style is an eclectic mix of big-band and swing wrapped up in disco.

What impresses, even more, is their presentation. Here’s a clip from Coati Mundi‘s YouTube channel where they’re performing on TV in front of a studio audience. The zoot suits! The huge hat! The lady backing singers dressed as bellhops. The sheer SCALE of the thing. It’s fantastic. And I love the song too.

I also love their other hit, Cherchez La Femme. Brilliant stuff.

Next up, I’ll be exploring the influence of 70’s Italo Disco. Which seemingly was mostly made in Germany.