*Sad trumpet*

Alas, I’ve retired my Mastodon instance, bantr.co.uk, as even with a single user (e.g. me), it took up a LOT of disk space (especially as I was using relays). In terms of CPU and memory usage, it was lovely. The whole thing really behaved itself in all other ways. Easy to install, easy to update, and apart from disk space and cache management – quite a delight.

I’m doubling down on the saucy sounding “X” (and subscribed to Blue X – which if that doesn’t sound like a hotel porn movie, I don’t know what is). This is for the time being until Meta’s Threads matures (e.g. web access, follow only the people you want to follow, fediverse integration, and so on).

I’ll probably be back on Mastodon one day – maybe through Threads, maybe not. Social media to me is transient – nothing is ever permanent (as people have found out when I’ve vanished, turned up elsewhere, vanished again, repeat).