5G/4G Broadband Plan of Action

This Saturday will see the delivery of my Netgear Nighthawk M6 5G mobile router and unlimited data O2 SIM. I cannot wait. Very excited. I intend to:

  • Disable Wi-Fi on the M6, change the DHCP settings to match current subnet and enable In-Home Performance mode. Ensure DHCP reservations for the Netgear switch (did I mention all my networking at home is Netgear?) and possibly the RAX200 router (will need to check the MAC address first).
  • Turn the current Netgear Nighthawk RAX200 router into a Wi-Fi access point and plug that into the M6’s ethernet port. Reboot everything (especially the switch with all the wired gadgets). Test by logging into admin interface and verify existing Wi-Fi devices can reach the internet.

Everything should then work.

That’ll buy me some time until Openreach activate the line and EE Broadband is installed. I’ll then relegate the M6 5G router as a failover (it has the ability to do this with existing connections, apparently). If I’m travelling or staying at hotel, I’ll take it with me to avoid horrendous Virgin Media Business performance and charges (the irony being O2 and Virgin are now the same company).

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