A Turn for the Worse – the driving lessons continue – badly

I think I may have given my driving instructor kittens this week.

I practically threw the car into marked potholes leading away from Dunsfold Aerodrome, then got myself tangled up at a junction turning right just after the lights turned green.  What I couldn’t see – thanks to a big van in the way, or that I just didn’t look properly (I suspect the latter) – was that there was a rather lengthy queue where I wanted to turn, and by the time the van had moved off, I did as well, and got the car stuck between turning right and the cars wanting to go forwards at the traffic lights who had a green light.  The words “ohshitohshitohshit” were muttered under my breath as I found myself stuck with nowhere to go until everybody else started moving forwards.

Then there was the three point turn.  I struggle to see the kerb properly.  Or rather, I can see the kerb after adjusting the left-hand wing mirror (so that it’s pointing downwards towards the rear wheel), but through the front of the car, it may as well be 50ft away.  I’m either too close or too far.  I was told to look at the bump where the windscreen wipers meet.  But that’s only half the problem.   I’m not turning the steering wheel fast enough when performing the turn.  And when finishing the first part of the turn, I’m not turning the steering wheel the other way (fast enough).  Ditto for the reverse part.

We didn’t do the reversing around the corner this week – instead, we did parallel parking!  How I wish I had one of those cars that do it for you automatically!  But I did slightly better.  It involved moving alongside an already parked car, then reversing until the front of the car is near the back of the other car, then start turning the wheel.  That said, just thinking about this now, I’ve forgotten parts of it.  No doubt will be doing it this coming Tuesday.

And then I’m still not good with roundabouts.  I tend to over analyse and/or I’m too cautious on the approach which means that other cars are stuck behind me, or that cars on the right hand lane pull out first.  But I’ve also pushed the nose of the car far too out, and/or I’ve now followed the shape of the roundabout, meaning that I could potentially cause cars going further than the 2nd exit are blocked.

For goodness sake Google – hurry up and release those autonomous cars.  I don’t think I can cope with this for much longer!