Apple Pie or Apple Sauce?

Update: Deleted a lot of guff about the Apple CSAM hashing system. To be honest, I think Apple needs to go back to the drawing board based on additional articles I’ve seen.

My Keychron K2v2 mechanical keyboard went a bit wobbly the other day. The entire bottom row started going bananas whenever I’d type a key such as ‘m’. The keyboard would prefix it with a ‘z’, so ‘zm’. It seems okay after a couple of days, but I’ve decided to relegate it to a future iPad Pro (if EE ever get them back in stock). Or I may just take it to work next month when things start to become a little more normal.

So I replaced it with an Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID. Full-length version with the number pad. This only works on Apple Silicon Macs – or rather, the Touch ID bit only works on Apple Silicon Macs, otherwise, it’ll act as a normal-ish Apple Magic keyboard on Intel – though I understand a few function keys would need to be remapped. This means, finally, I can use Touch ID with my M1 MacBook Pro 13″ with the lid down.

Finger print sensor, lock and unlock, plus a new emoji button (shudders)
Only Apple Silicon users need apply here..

The Touch ID key replaces the old (and very redundant) CD/DVD eject button.

I could have (and indeed have) always unlock the system and things like 1Password with Apple Watch, of course, but this doesn’t work as well as Apple think it does and comes with a number of pre-requisites such as Wi-Fi must be enabled for it to work (it doesn’t really, but it is a bit unstable otherwise.). But Touch ID has always worked wonderfully well – and it does so here – though it is maybe a little slower than the on device version.

The whole keyboard is also a bit more rounded than previous versions, making for a better aesthetic.

Overall it gets the job done, and I’m very happy with it (my typing accuracy is better with this than the mechanical keyboard)- though not the price which is £20 less than £200. But as long as I have cover with my M1 MacBook Pro, this keyboard will be covered as well.