As much as I like the iPhone 7 Plus camera..

.. I’m thinking that for my trip to Norway, Iceland and Dublin next year, I might need something beefier (my biggest complaint about the iPhone 7/7 Plus is that the images are very, very soft when you view them full size).

While I’m not going to buy it straight away, I’m eyeing up a Canon Powershot G9 X.  I’ve owned a Powershot G5 in the past (as well as an EOS 700D), and rate Canon very highly in the photographic stakes.  And when paired with a smartphone, it can use its GPS capabilities to add location data to photos – something that I can’t live without because I usually never get around to tagging photos – having location data at least allows me to figure out when and where a photo was taken!

We’ll see – I’ll look into this next year.  Still uncluttering (read: selling stuff like a mad thing) and heading back to the world of Apple again slowly and surely first.