Asking customers to pay through the nose for A.I. without a trial is a BIG ask

Up first, bodged UI of the week goes to Adobe’s Try deleting the one and only project and you’ll end up in an infinite loop of Whoops.

But as I settle down into Microsoft 365 Business Premium land, the one thing that really gets my goat is Microsoft’s gaul for charging nearly £30 per user per month for its A.I. Copilot service. With Google Workspace you pay a similar charge, though you can pay monthly and you get a free 30 day trial. With Microsoft, you WILL pay up front for a year and bloody well like it, and there’s no free trial.

Asking customers to rely on your new fancy-pants artificial intelligence service and asking them to fork out the money up front without testing it first is rather cheeky, some would say. I say: Microsoft are taking flippin’ liberties. I have no idea how it works, how well it works, and does it justify a nearly £30 per user per month cost? Google’s Duet didn’t. It was pathetically meagre.

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