Blazing Backblaze 6.0

One of my all time favourite online backup services has just released version 6 of their backup client which not only increases the backup speed up to 50% through the use of threading.

But what has got me interested most with this release is the ability to create snapshots of any part of your backups – at any interval – and keep them forever. Backblaze will keep 30 days worth of versioning for each file before the older versions are deleted. In order to get around that problem, Backblaze now connects to their own cloud storage system (B2 – significantly cheaper than Amazon’s S3 and Google’s Cloud Storage) and can save restored files to it, creating a permanent copy of those files. To keep 127Gb of photos and videos forever will cost me just $0.63 per month. As Backblaze costs $5 per month per computer, I consider this a bargain. All costs are shown up front before you commit to a snapshot.

And one can download the snapshots at any point (it’ll cost about $1.27 to retrieve the whole 127Gb zip file – if you’re just restoring from the regular Backblaze backup itself, restoration costs are free), or if there is a significant amount of data to retrieve (either from the snapshot or the computer backup itself), Backblaze can ship the data to you on a hard drive (up to 8Tb). You pay for the hard drive and can get a refund if you ship it back to them.

The only other thing I’d like to see from Backblaze would be local data centres – for example, in the UK, Ireland or Amsterdam. At the moment Backblaze’s data centres are based around the West Coast of the USA.

As always, I do recommend that people back up their computer data locally to external devices as well. But having an online backup gives you that bit of extra piece of mind (providing you continue to pay them, of course).