Brexit means holding a country to ransom

Look. I can absolutely respect the outcome of the original referendum – that’s what the people voted for. But the subsequent clowning around and revelation that the Leave campaign outright lied is a massive cause for concern. And yet despite all this, that “bloody stubborn woman” is going beyond stubbornness and becoming downright suicidal with this country’s future and reputation.

Theresa May has point blank refused to listen to the country throughout the two year negotiation period which has lead to fumbling around and utter chaos in the Government and Parliament because she is working to her own agenda. She is not putting this country first. She is not giving the people what they want. She is not giving the Brexiteers what they want, and she is not giving the Remainers what they want. We all lose.

I believe it is better to remain in Europe where we have a voice and have the ability to influence matters (more so if we get the right people in as MEPs to represent us). What has been the result of two years of bungling has proven that we are a laughing stock of the world – alongside the USA – where we can’t even organise a piss up in a brewery, let alone organising a series of separate trade agreements along with the Northern Ireland border. If we impose a hard border on Northern Ireland, I’m pretty sure we’ll return to the bad old days.

We should – at the very least – remain in Europe until we can absolutely determine, beyond any doubt, that Brexit is a good thing. So far from what I’ve been reading and listening to, it isn’t. And it isn’t because this government has been a bloody farce.

That’s all I’ve got to say on this matter. The Conservatives have got to do what’s right – ditch May, replace her with somebody who actually listens to people and understand that people can change their minds. Somebody who understands about international law (especially trade law). Somebody who actually knows what the hell they’re doing – in other words.

Bring back the Monster Raving Loony Party is what I say.