Cancel Culture

Update: I discover that even if a company adds the ability to cancel a subscription in-app, there may be limits. I panicked when I saw a charge for 60p from Uber on a card and immediately disputed and froze the card. Looked at the Uber app and checked that I had cancelled the Uber One subscription. But I saw that it said it was due to renew on the 2nd November and there were no methods of cancelling the subscription. Until I clicked the Learn More link underneath and found that they need 48 hours’ notice. Facepalm. This is how they get you. And an update on The Times: I’ve disputed the charge which has now been returned to me. Still absolutely no response from The Times and Sunday Times customer care team via email.

My frustration is growing with companies that don’t provide the option to cancel or modify subscriptions through their websites or apps. This not only wastes my time but also complicates the process unnecessarily. For instance, I’ve been trying multiple times to reach the cancellation department of The Times and Sunday Times without any success. Despite a lack of callback, I wonder if they tried to reach me but were blocked due to a previous unwelcomed call.

Although I scheduled the date for my subscription renewal, the busyness of this week made me forget, resulting in an unexpected charge of £25.99. Currently, as a subscriber of Apple News+, I have access to content from The Times and Sunday Times. Therefore, the need to pay a substantial fee for a separate subscription just doesn’t make sense.

Yet, this issue goes beyond just The Times and Sunday Times. Numerous other services encounter the same problem, notably the telecommunications providers. Previously, Virgin was considerate in alerting me when my contract was ending, but recently, this information is no longer provided. Likewise, Sky’s performance in this aspect is also lacking.

Companies need to streamline the presentation of subscription information, prioritizing the convenience of their customers. This should include the ability to easily cancel or make changes to subscriptions in a way that caters to customer needs, rather than solely focusing on the organization’s interests.