Tethered iPhone to Mac not getting any internet / self-assigned IP?

On the Mac, go to Network -> Locations -> Edit Locations and add a new location (e.g. Work, Home, whatever) and then save. Try tethering again and the Mac should pick up the iPhone with a working connection. This took me a good 45 minutes to figure this out.

Hopefully it should stop people from going mad like I did. Wibble. Moo. Honk Honk.

Apple’s bug-ridden Apple ecosystem strikes again!

BBC iPlayer bug on macOS still there after 2 years

After finish watching Mr. Bates vs The Post Office, I’m really getting rather shirty with public corporations. I was looking forward to downloading and watching the entirety of BBC’s QI starting right from the beginning, but the BBC iPlayer client for macOS (current version: 2.3.18) still has problems resuming playback of content that was downloaded that I started watching, but cannot resume having closed iPlayer previously.

Most of the time I just get the purple spinning wheel of doom (as shown below) and I can’t do anything. Sometimes the show loads and starts playing back, but only very occasionally. I have to go back in to the BBC iPlayer website and redownload the bloody thing again, which is a pain in the arse.

I originally reported this problem back in March 2022 (case no. CAS-7120181-P8X3B1) and provided them with all the feedback I can could (log files, screenshots, etc.) and they were able to reproduce the problem, though only occasionally. At least I wasn’t going mad. But I have another complaint – the ONLY way to get hold of iPlayer support is through an extremely limited web form. It doesn’t even allow you to respond to replies via email. If you want to reply, you’ll need to use the web form every time, making sure to quote the case number.

It’s an absolute nightmare keeping track of what’s going on as you get an acknowledgement of your enquiry, followed up by the reply. And it soon adds up:

Plus the web form doesn’t accept any files for uploaded. If you need to share log files or screenshots, you’ll have to use either WeTransfer or Dropbox as pretty much anything else is blocked by the BBC.

This was the last correspondence I had with them about the problem:

So they’ve identified the problem relating to load. Presumably this referring to server load (e.g. it’s too busy to respond), but I don’t understand how this could be. The content is supposed to be downloaded offline and the only communication it really needs to make with the server is DRM related – e.g. confirm the content is still valid for playback (e.g. check that it’s still within a valid expiry date). Yet the version of Windows iPlayer has never had this problem, nor the iOS/iPadOS version.

With the BBC license fee increasing, I expect better from them. The only reason I tend to use iPlayer on the Mac is the ability to resize the playback window which I can’t do with the embedded web player.

Ah, technology. Trying to make things better but making them worse.