Biting satire.. from an A.I.

I asked Microsoft’s Bing image creator to come up with an alternative to Apple’s “Crush” iPad Pro ad that’s currently causing much controversy. This is the result:

It’s important to note that I did NOT prompt/ask the image creator to add the “iPest” logo. The actual prompt text was “Apple ad in which the iPad team are crushed into a hydraulic press. An iPad Pro is then overlaid with the text “The best yet”.

This is surprising for several reasons. The first is that Bing accepted such a bizarre and violent prompt about people being crushed (I was going to add to the prompt “tastefully” if crushing humans in a press could ever be consider tasteful). The second is the iPest logo designation. Where the heck did it get that?

The point is/was to highlight that beloved, treasured – and more importantly – still useful things used to create things shouldn’t be crushed (including humans – *makes jokes about us being tools too*). Apart from the iPest, I love the other people standing at the side of the press shouting and cheering.

That aside, I’m still pondering this image: