Old McGoogle had a server farm.. A.I,A.I, Oh?

Decided to give Google One Premium a go – free for two months. It comes with 2Tb of storage, plus the Google’s newly rebranded A.I. service called Gemini Advanced (was called Bard). When I tried Bard with Google Workspace (and even Duet A.I.), I didn’t feel it was up to much. But I asked Gemini advanced to rewrite my CV.

The first problem is that Gemini Advanced can’t look at files in your Google Drive account (yet), nor can you upload document files to it for processing. You can upload images, but I’ve yet to find anything useful for that.

Here is the text of the (current) CV I sent it. Comes to about 8 A4 pages in total.

Martyn Drake

Personal Statement

I have 26 years of professional systems administration experience divided between web hosting, e-commerce, film/TV post-production and computer game industries. During this time, I have built up skills in diagnosing and fixing a wide variety of problems across multiple hardware platforms and operating systems.  

This is in addition to providing first, second, and third-line support for clients ranging from individuals through to large multinational corporations, and supporting internal company systems such as workstations, servers and laptops.

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