Brompton Bike Subscription

In this day and age where virtually everything is a subscription, I came across this advert on Facebook for Brompton Bike subscription. Brompton being a bicycle manufacturer that specialises in foldable bikes. £35/month is very reasonable, but I do worry that the wheels wouldn’t be suitable for Surrey roads. It took me around 45 minutes to get to Memset when they were based at the Surrey Research Park – but that was on an electric, non-foldable bike.

On the other hand, I have an option to cycle up to the Basingstoke canal and cycle along its path to Woking where I head towards the train station and catch the train. Trains not working? I could either cycle on to Guildford, take a bus or get a cab (foldable bike).

The alternative is to explore the company’s cycle-to-work scheme and see if that works out any better – especially if e-bikes are cheaper these days than they were back in 2010-2017.