Clickity-Clack went the keys…

Even though Apple makes expensive keyboards, and sometimes keyboards that cost them $50 million in class-action lawsuits, I can type pretty well on them.

This test was completed via on Apple’s £180 (RRP) full-length wireless keyboard with Touch ID for Apple silicon Macs.

I should note that I am not a touch typist, but I’m still pretty good at finding keys without looking at them, and I do use both hands to type. I’ll need to repeat this test on my:

  • HP Omen laptop’s built-in keyboard
  • M1 Pro MacBook Pro’s built-in keyboard
  • Keychron V2 Brown switches mechanical keyboard (that I use with the HP Omen)
  • Razer Blackwidow V3 Yellow switches mechanical keyboard (also used with the HP Omen, occasionally)

Overall I prefer the tactile feeling of mechanical keyboards, but they are noisy and none of them have any form of Touch ID biometric support for Mac or Windows Hello biometric support for Windows – something Apple and most other keyboard manufacturers need to start working on.

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