Disco Tex and the Sex-O-Lettes

I’ve recently begun a journey into sound. Stereophonic sound. And that journey has taken me to the edge of sanity and beyond. Disco. Funk. Soul. Disco-funk-soul. Soul-funk-disco. And every other combination thereof. And throw experimental electronic music into the mix.

And I’d like to chronicle that journey, starting with what I would describe as barking mad disco. Disco that’s foot-tapping good, but where the song concept is utter madness. Completely bonkers. Disco Tex and the Sex-O-Lettes is a bananas concept from Sir Monti Rock III – a hugely flamboyant character who has re-invented himself “at least 46 times”. Having watched several interviews and video footage of him performing, he’s madder than a box of frogs, but hugely entertaining and likeable.

Now, you could NEVER get away with calling your all-girl dance/backing group “Sex-O-Lettes” these days. It’s a very 70’s thing. Maybe you could get away with different counties variations under the name Disco Bex and..:

“The Essex-O-Lettes”
“The Sussex-O-Lettes”
“The Wessex-O-Lettes” (Prince Edward’s personal dancing group)

Upon listening to Get Dancin‘ for the first time, I immediately recognised the tune. It’s one of those tunes that you hear and think, “hey – that’s catchy”, but can’t place where you heard it from originally, or the band.

Get Dancin’ is upbeat, stupidly catchy and features Sir Monti Rock uttering some hilarious one-liners such as, “I’m turning myself on here” and being completely bonkers in general. It’s proper feel-good music and an example of what disco should be about: just have fun and just be damned whether any of it makes any sense or not.

Next up for review: Curtis Mayfield’s Get Down.