Driving, MISS!, Drakey

This week’s driving lesson was a bit different from the others so far – I got to drive myself home.

After a week’s absence from the wheel, things looked to be okay, but the first faux pax came when I failed to give way to a car coming from the right at a roundabout in Bramley.  I thought I had enough clearance – not so.  Thank goodness these learner cars have an extra set of pedals on the passenger’s side!

Speaking of pedals, another problem I encountered – twice, in fact – was that my size 12 feet managed to hit both the gas AND brake pedals simultaneously.  The car does not like that.  The engine will absolutely tell you that it doesn’t like that.  This is despite my driving instructor also having size 12 feet, and that this particular model of car has particularly wider spacing between the brake and accelerator pedals.

Other muck-ups included super confused signalling at a double roundabout near St. Johns, priority over a small junction (moving to the middle and then turning), and some speed issues.  If there was one thing I’d really like to see happen is if the speed signs could be more prominently placed along the side of the roads, with the size of the signs being kept equal.  Some of them are so small!  I encountered a section of road that allowed me to travel up to the national speed limit, but I missed the sign that told me that.  So I kept a steady 40mph as I tend to do.

I also need to ensure I follow the shape of the roundabout if I’m going to use the second exit.  Not, as I was doing, just driving forwards.  Similarly, I need to do better at remaining in lanes when filtering into a lane and turning at a junction which continues that lane filtering.  Keep everything smooth during the turn.


Despite these errors, I managed to get myself home and park accordingly.  I’ll be doing this a couple more times over the next couple of weeks.