Easing back into office life..

Last week I decided to start the working week back in the office with a bit of a treat – staying at the local Premier Inn for a couple of days to avoid the inevitable mad rush on public transport (as well as the newly inflated prices) as most people return to the office in some capacity. It was a great way to ease oneself back into office life having mostly remained at home for the past 1.5 years.

To sleep in another bed for a change was fantastic.

While the hotel provides free Wi-Fi, this is pretty basic and in no way met my requirements. I wasn’t going to pay them £5/day for something a little faster. Thankfully, I have EE’s 5G through my iPhone 12 Pro Max and the speeds I got from it were impressive. Enough bandwidth to cover video and music streaming – and enough to get some out of hours work done in the early morning.

Once back in the office, though, and it felt good. Though I can’t remember us ever having a pool table before nor the fancy hot/cold/sparkling tap – but my goodness does it make a change from having to boil my own kettle after all this time. It’s the little things that make all the difference.

And it was great to see familiar faces again after all this time – especially Aflie the office dog (versus just hearing my neighbour’s dog barking like a loon every time somebody comes to their door, or during a weekly rubbish collection).

I must admit I like the balance of having to be in the office for a part of the time and remaining at home. It helps with establishing a daily routine that sadly went out the door for so long, and lead to horrific insomnia where I wouldn’t get to bed until 3 am. This week has seen me get some of the best sleep in *years*.