Forget the Nintendo Switch, I’m having fun & games with a different kind of switch..

My electricity & gas supplier recently announced an average increase of £82 based on my existing usage.  While I have been a loyal customer for many years, I’m happy to jump ship if I’m able to find a better deal elsewhere.   Especially when the same company recently made news headlines when their smart energy meters started registering silly figures.

So I used uSwitch to look at better offers.  I found one in Green Star Energy, and put in the order to switch.


I attempted to register an account at Green Star Energy’s web site, and was immediately foiled by their password rules.  As this guy says, password rules are bullshit (well worth a read, BTW).  I have been using a very well respected password manager for many years, along with sensible ways of generating unique and strong passwords for individual web sites.  But to be foiled right at the first hurdle makes my blood boil.

So I cancelled my switch/order with Green Star Energy.  I have just placed an order with another firm for whom I had no problems generating a password.

So remember people – password rules are bullshit.