Google’s missing out on a massive opportunity here..

Google’s really needs to work towards a better solution that would allow their business product, G Suite, to function with consumer products such as the Google Home Hub and Google Home Mini as they are, by and large, incompatible.

I understand why – businesses are not going to want potential confidential data being leaked out to consumer devices (which Google definitely see these devices as being). Yet as the admin for my G Suite domain, surely I should make that decision? Surely Google should be thinking about the option to allow calendar data from G Suite accounts to be allowed with the Google Home Hub and

We use Joan at work. And it’s useful for letting people know who is using a meeting room. And they’ve just added functionality to customise a button on the screen which would allow anybody to connect to a guest Wi-Fi network. If we tried something similar with Google, well, there isn’t anything that Google offers that could do similar.

Joan caught napping on the job

I wasn’t very keen with Amazon’s Echo Show, so I sold it. It doesn’t integrate well into the stuff I use, and when it does, getting it to do anything useful requires having to remember syntax. Google’s home assistants are – when I’ve tried them – much better. But G Suite is hindering my use of them – and thus I can’t buy any of their products until they work on a system that allows G Suite (or a organisation unit of it) to be able to share data with these devices.

I love G Suite. I really do. I’ve been using it since 2006 when it first came out in beta. I’ve been a Top Contributor on their forums for a while, and ended up as a paying customer for well over 12 years. It gives me business grade email using only a web client. It does away with many of the problems email clients and email servers suffer from, and the overall experience is just delightful. And the number of features it offers (and supports) is fantastic. We have G Suite at work too, and the experience of using it in a proper business environment has been nothing short of miraculous versus the old clunky IMAP email clients that I used to use in all my previous places of employment.

But I really do want to use G Suite with Google’s consumer range of products. I’d even be willing to try moving back to the Pixel range of phones again (though I’ll have to wait until September next year as I have an Apple Watch which cannot be used without an iPhone).

Come on, Google, let’s find a solution to this!