I love dogs. My neighbour’s dogs? Not so much.

The above happened while I was working from home, having started work at 6 am and was about to knock off for the day.

The problem is that this is a regular occurrence with my neighbours who leave their dogs in the house all day. I’d come home around 8pm and their dogs will bark and howl until about 10 pm when they come home. While that’s a perfectly normal thing for most dog owners, I’m sure the barking and howling isn’t – and is likely due to behavioural elements that could be improved with training.

I’ve said nothing so far, but I feel it’s about time I said something, as it’s entirely possible they don’t even know this is happening.

Could be worse, though. I remember when the former occupants were doing up the place and I had to suffer through the following (a remix from various sound that I turned into an iPhone alarm):