iPad Pro (12.9″) Four Months On

(NOTE: This relates to the first generation of 12.9″ iPad Pro, not the 2nd generation that was released in 2017)

Still loving my iPad Pro (12.9″).  But I’m not loving developers who are taking time updating their apps to take advantage of that higher resolution screen.  Google is slowly getting there, but they are still a very long way off getting everything up to date.  I’m still waiting for the official Gmail app to be updated, for example.

One of the biggest complaints I have with the 9.7″ iPad Pro (which I don’t have, by the way – I love my gadgets, but I don’t have infinite monetary resources!) is that because the resolution isn’t any better than the iPad Air 2, there isn’t as much incentive for developers to hurry up and crank the resolution up for its bigger brother.

I’m finding that I am using iPad Pro a lot more at work for note taking, and also for handwritten notes and drawings (which can be embedded into documents such as PDFs or Word files).  There is something lovely about the freedom to choose between typing and handwriting and typing/drawing.  A good app for this is GoodNotes 4.

Prompt 2 for iOS is a must-have application for those that need SSH access to servers.  Now with split-view support, one can have a web browser and an SSH session running side-by-side simultaneously.

I’m also finding that I’m reading a lot more free magazines via Surrey Libraries’ Zinio magazine service.  With 12.9″ of sceen real estate to play with, one can view magazines at a 1:1 level without having to pinch/zoom.  I have to take the keyboard cover off to free up weight, and the whole thing feels as if I’m reading the broadsheets, but it’s perfectly usable.

Surrey Libraries give their customers access to a lot of premium services online, and at the libraries themselves (including Find My Past).  Worth checking this link out if you’re got a library card. There’s stuff there I didn’t even know about.

Web sites are still a bit of a problem.  Most sites (including this one) are designed to be “responsive”, so you’ll get the very best version depending on the resolution of your device.  For sites such as BBC News, this looks and feels like the desktop version.  But where certain technologies come into play, you’ll get a mobile version which just looks horrible.  I find, however, that using Gmail site is still better than using the Gmail app.  At least Google Chrome uses the full resolution whereas the app does not.

Overall, still very pleased with my purchase.  The limitations at this time are still developer focused, rather than anything to do with the hardware or OS itself.  But I’m sure Apple will do their best to encourage them to update, update, update.