iPad Pro – a few months on

So how’s the iPad Pro and Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil working out?

Well, I don’t use the Apple Pencil anywhere near what I thought.  But having bought an notepad app which can combine text, graphics and handwritten notes into one, I hope to make more use of it as the number of meetings at work increase.

The Smart Keyboard continues to work well.  I really do enjoy using it.  But there is still a bug in iOS where iOS seems to remember incorrect capitalisation and is a pain to correct it: one has to backspace more than needed to be able to switch a capital letter to a lower case letter.

The biggest problem continues to be the lack of app support for this device.  I cannot tell you how frustrating it is that there are still too many Google iOS apps that don’t support the higher resolution of the iPad Pro.  Google Docs is one such example (and still feels too slow when typing despite having a good 4G connection and the power of the A9X 64-bit processor).  YouTube has only just received iPad Pro support.  It’s a similar story for other media streaming services – we’re only now getting iPad Pro resolution support.  Also amazing the number of apps that have only just gotten around to updating their support for iOS 9 despite how long the mobile OS has been around in the wild.

I’m still waiting on Microsoft to allow us to have default zoom views for Word documents.  New or newly opened documents are zoomed too much by default.  Pinching and zooming in/out works, but it’d be lovely to save that view for reuse.

Facebook hasn’t updated its main app for iPad to support iPad Pro, thus the text and graphics are all enlarged and making the experience an ugly one.  The same can be said of LinkedIn.

If the rumours of a smaller 9.7″ iPad Pro being released (or at least announced) by the end of March are true, this will more than likely mean that it’ll have a similar if not better resolution than the 12.9″ behemoth.  How long before the app developers get around to supporting it?  At the moment it’s all rather slow and depressing.