iPad Pro: two weeks on

I’m using my iPad Pro every day out and about when I’m not using the MacBook Pro.  Following on from my “quick” initial review, I’d like to point out a few issues I’ve come across:

  • Google Chrome for iOS running on the iPad Pro doesn’t provide full desktop versions of websites as I initially thought.  It will load the mobile version (as one would expect with smaller iOS devices), but one assumes these are resolution independent mobile versions (just as there are resolution independent desktop versions) since these will fill the display to look like the desktop version of the site.  But there are exceptions. Gmail, for example, definitely loads as the mobile version.  Requesting the desktop version in Chrome is low-res, terribly slow, and not recommended.
  • This has lead to some problems – especially if a site uses Javascript.  On the Pamper Parcels website (highly recommended BTW, if you’re looking for a gift for somebody), I couldn’t accurately complete the form because of the way it scrolls the page after completing a set of contact form fields.  I had to use my MacBook Pro and full desktop Chrome to complete the order. Difficult to say where the problem lies – whether it’s Chrome or iOS.  I suspect a bit of both.  I should have tried Safari.
  • Blogging with the iPad Pro is fantastic.  The last few posts were written via Chrome for iOS running on the iPad Pro and directly entered into WordPress.  I’m picking up quite a typing speed with the Smart Keyboard.  Adding photos via the iCloud Photo Library is quick and easy to do.
  • Going back to Chrome for iOS again, there are some sites where text entry becomes problematic even with the hardware keyboard.  I’m not sure whether this is a Chrome issue, but I found that in some cases the capitalisation of text to be a tad wonky (a good technical term there).  iOS for iPad Pro should, upon detection of a hardware keyboard (Smart Keyboard, Logitech’s CREATE keyboard case), disable automatic text correction and capitalisation.  I found automatic correction/capitalisation hugely annoying when typing with the Smart Keyboard, and had to disable it.  This disables it across the entire device – so even if I remove the keyboard and use the virtual one, it’ll remain disabled until I go and switch it on again.
  • Even then, I experience weird bugs whereby I’d find that some words were capitalised unintentionally.  I’d be in the middle of a sentence, and This WouLD BE CAPITALISED LIKE THIS.  I might have accidently pressed Caps Lock (that key is rather large for my ET fingers), but when attempting to correct, I simply could not switch to lower case without deleting text previous to the muck up.  That sounds like an iOS bug to me.

I would still like Apple and Microsoft to make it possible to set a default zoom view for Pages and Microsoft Word under iOS since the default view’s text size is stonking huge.  Pinch-zoom fixes this, but having to do this at the start of loading each document is a pain.