Is Tim Cook the new Doctor Who after Jodie Whittaker?

With the news that Jodie Whittaker is stepping down from the role of the Doctor, one must ask who will be taking on the iconic role? Well..

Doctor Who
The October 18th Apple Event

I mean, after all, Doctor Who did feature the iDaleks, available in a number of colours to suit your lifestyle (note: the iDalek does not come with any charger):

So, no new MacBook Pros. No new AirPods. They’re just going to straight-up announce Tim Cook is stepping down as CEO of Apple and taking on the role of Doctor Who for the BBC.

If they were to announce new MacBook Pros et. al, then you’re going probably need to be Doctor Who to pick one up on time anyway. Given the timescales regarding the delivery of my iPhone 13 Pro Max and Apple Watch Series 7 – EE’s communications have been dead quiet (and EE’s automation platform is so damn rigid that Pfizer has asked them for their formula to use in the next iteration of Viagra) – it’s difficult to know for certain. If it’s likely that I’ll get both before the end of November, I’ll be lucky. Order a MacBook Pro and I’ll reckon you probably won’t get one until the new year and beyond…