May the sales Force be with you!

After some thirty-odd years of being stuck in an attic and another year in the garage at the family home, it is time for Darth Vader to wave bye-bye and go somewhere where he and his fellow Kenner toys of Star Wars are going to be properly appreciated.

Bye, Darth – it was fun!

Growing in the ’80s was pretty awesome – Star Wars was brand new, and the merchandising machine was at full force (pardon the pun). As a kid, and as a huge Star Wars fan, I was very fortunate to have parents who were able to buy me a decent range of toys from the Kenner range and many hours of fun was had imagining great battles and escapades.

But there was going to be a time in which to put away childish things – and that we did, with the possible hope that I’d have kids of my own (not too late, but at the same time, let’s be realistic here..) to enjoy this new and bountiful era of Star Wars only for them to remain untouched (for the most part) in the attic.

So my dad has finally got rid of them. All of the AT-AT, the X-Wing, the Millennium Falcon, the Darth Vader character carry case, and all the action figures. All of it gone to an auction house/shop. For me, this kind of stuff was never about money, but rather the enjoyment of playing with the toys. Toy Story got it right, I think.

Also gone are my Basil Brush and Emu puppets which provided some amusement for myself and my parents back in the day.

But as long as I have my photos and thus memories, I shall always remember these things fondly. I’ve found that one accumulates so much crap over the years that you can’t really afford to become overly sentimental about things. But it’s the memories I treasure the most, and as long as I have something (photos at the very least), I’m happy.