Microsoft Licensing.. grrr…

Just getting the right combination of licenses for Microsoft 365 is .. interesting. I’m currently using the full 60 day evaluation of Microsoft 365 Business Premium, Teams Premium, Teams Phone Standard and Domestic Calling Plan. Microsoft Defender for Business is being paid for right now, and dad is going to find out why soon enough 😉

I’m likely going to cancel the Teams Phone and Domestic Calling plan as, well, I have a mobile phone. But on the other hand, having an extra number which can be configured to do all sorts of things that I can’t do with a home line is another matter. I’ll be playing around for the next two months to see if the cost (around £15/month) is worthwhile – and that includes 50 hours of calls to both landlines and mobile phones.

When playing with the Teams Phone (which is effectively Skype for Business), I tried the International Calling Plan trial and was rather disappointed to discover that you need a physical address in the USA to get a phone number (for emergency services – the US has some weird rule that you need to provide a physical address for virtual phone numbers in case of an emergency). You also can’t allocate more than one phone number to a user even if two numbers are in different countries. So I cancelled that trial as it’s not just going to get much use. Would have been useful 10 years ago when I was conversing with a lady friend in Washington State, but.. *sigh*.

And the list of trial products I pretty much junked straight off:

I gave the WIndows 365 Business trial a go because even though I’m on Mac which is capable of running the ARM edition of Windows 11, and that in turn can run 64-bit Intel Windows applications (mostly), there are a few factors which prevent me from running certain applications. So having a Windows PC “in the cloud” seemed an interesting proposition. But the specs are too low and even with gigabits of bandwidth at one’s disposal – it’s slow. Slow and expensive. No thanks, Microsoft.

I continue to explore and play with Microsoft 365 and I must say despite the confusing licensing system, it’s actually great fun – and I’m learning more and more that’s helping me in my job. Heck, I’m even thinking of asking work if they’d be able to support a certification or two.

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