My 40th birthday treat to myself is..

A year’s subscription to Odeon’s Limitless pass (a rather eye watering £228, but that’s with a 5% discount, else is £19.99/month).

Unlimited (with a few T&Cs, but thankfully nothing too bad) trips to the local Odeon for a one up payment.  It’s a bit like Netflix, but with up-to-the-minute movies and requires you to use your legs to get out and about.

I’ve already booked my trip to see Captain America: Civil War, and Bad Neighbours 2.  The latter isn’t something I’d pay to see in the cinema (I’d rather wait until it came out on Sky Movies), but hey, it’s not costing me anything more.

Upcoming films will include Florence Foster Jenkins, Eye in the Sky, and – of course, The Jungle Book.  To upgrade to better seating only costs £2.30 a pop.  Not bad.  When you consider most films cost more than £10, I think what I’ve paid and what I intend to do with it will more than justify the cost.

Ooooh yes, ‘m going to use this pass as often as I use my travel pass.  You betcha.