My first ever TV appearance..

Series 26, episode 4 of Top Gear – with Matt Baker as the Star in the Reasonably Priced Car

It’s really rather odd to see oneself pop up clearly in the background of an internationally syndicated car show – one of the BBC’s biggest exports – though that’s exactly what happened. This is the one time I’m glad a TV show isn’t presented in UltraHD / 4K.

The show itself was recorded sometime last year and was a double recording. The other guest was James Marsden (Westworld) which aired as the series opener a few weeks ago. I didn’t stay for that one. My legs were getting tired from standing around so long, and I also wanted to say hello to my former colleagues at Memset before heading out of Dunsfold.

BBC iPlayer version of the same thing. Less of a blue tinge.

What I find very odd is that when I posted about this on LinkedIn, it has been my most popular post so far with a staggering (to me at least) 631 views from across the board. Very odd. I must start popping up in more TV programs. How about on Doctor Who as one of the ugly aliens?