New Mac (running Yosemite)? DON’T enable FileVault during set-up..

.. otherwise you’ll end up having to boot into recovery mode, delete Core Storage volumes, format the SSD, re-install OS X, restore everything from Time Machine backup (see my article on clearing away Core Storage volumes – originally written in 2011).

There appears to be a bug:

that affects anybody enabling FileVault during the initial set-up of OS X whether it be an upgrade from OS X Mavericks, a brand new machine, or a re-install of OS X.

Enabling FileVault during the set-up process can seemingly lead to the disk never finishing the initial encryption phase.  It’ll be stuck in “paused” mode forever more.  Some have said that leaving the machine online for 24 hours will fix it.  Some have attempted PRAM, SMC and disk repairs.

But there is only one way to get things moving along: nuking the current OS X Yosemite installation, re-install OS X again, but DON’T enable FileVault during the initial set-up screens.  Instead wait to get to the desktop, open System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> FileVault and enable it there.

  • Snorre Milde

    Just so you know: I got bitten by this bug after enabling FileVault from System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> FileVault.

    • What did you have to do in the end to resolve it? What point release of Yosemite did you encounter this with? It’s a bit all over the shop at the moment.

      • Snorre Milde

        Nuked my drive, restored from Time Machine, re-enabled FileVault, crossed my fingers, then success.
        Yosemite 10.10.3

  • WhatTheWhat

    I had a similar problem installing a Mac OS upgrade a couple of years ago. I always installed the official ones shortly after they came out, with no problems, but that time it got stuck. Repeated efforts saw it always stopping at the same point. The Apple Store did their best but it seemed like FileVault was getting in the way, and it prevented recovery, so eventually I had to nuke it and restore from a Time Machine backup. I left FileVault off after that.

    • I just don’t understand why Yosemite is so damn buggy (and I’ve also found iOS 8.2/8.3 to be the same). Apple’s software Q&A seems to have gone down the plughole of late. Very disappointed in Apple these days. ;(

      • WhatTheWhat

        My guess was Scott Forstall leaving.