Nippier than a ferret down the trousers.. (14-inch M1 Pro MacBook Pro)

.. is all I can say about the new M1 Pro 14″ MacBook Pro.

The MagSafe connector that last made its appearance back in 2015 is now back for good (I hope). Sometimes regression can be a good thing, and I think there was enough vocal outrage of Apple moving to non-MagSafe USB-C charging (which is still supported, BTW) to get them to change their minds.

The SD card slot doesn’t make any difference to me – but this may be too late for a lot of creatives who have moved to cameras that use CF Express and faster formats than what this slot supports. Still, it’s nice that they’ve included it. I could use it as a backup of files and photos to SD card if nothing else – I’m sure I have a few SD cards lying around here somewhere.

The HDMI port is a much welcome addition, however. I do wish they’d have put it on the other side due to the somewhat cramped conditions of my desk (and the 14″ takes up more room than I’d have thought it would – so thank goodness I couldn’t afford the 16″ model). Dongle life is becoming a thing of the past, though my Blue Yeti microphone and Logitech external webcam still both use USB-A connectors, necessitating that I use Apple’s USB-A to USB-C adapters. Grrr.

Even when I’m using the 14″ in clamshell mode, I still have to contend with a notch!

Everything is practically twice as fast – if not faster – than the 13″ MacBook Pro that this 14″ inch replaces. The SSD drives along are nearly 2.5 times faster:


The keyboard feels okay. I do wish it had more of the Apple external keyboards feedback to it – but in comparison, it feels pretty much like that of the revised, non-butterfly keyboard from the 16″ Intel MacBook Pro. As I do most of my work with an external Apple keyboard with Touch ID (yes, it’s £180, but IMHO – worth EVERY single penny), the keyboard isn’t too much of a problem. The 14″ MacBook Pro keyboard certainly feels much better than some of the Dell laptops I’ve been working with lately at least (which are so spongy – and these are business laptops – yuck!).

The only problem I have now is sorting out the AppleCare+ warranty. As I didn’t buy this from Apple directly, I have the rigmarole of providing the invoice to them to prove proof of purchase and then organise the warranty. All this cannot be done online – it’s yet another call to Dublin and their AppleCare+ centre for me via general Apple Support.

Speaking of support, I do want to have a massive rant at Apple Business. But this is not the time or place for it yet. All I can say is that they really should be aligning themselves with other PC vendors for smaller businesses (less than 200 employees) with better hardware replacement options, and not treat the smaller business as a regular plain-Joe consumer. Even Asus with their significantly cheaper laptops has a better return and replace option than Apple Business offers.

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