Oh, let’s go ludicrous speed..

300Mbs down, 50Mbs up – that’s pretty darn ludicrous

After nearly 6 months with Zen Internet, I’ve decided to upgrade to their fastest package – Ultimate Fibre 4 – which should give me a top speed of 300Mbs download and 50Mbs upload. And it only costs an extra £8 per month.

It ties me into a new 12-month contract, but I’ve been very happy with Zen’s performance over the past few months. And I’m still extremely happy with the Amplifi kit I purchased too – especially as I’ve seen some really decent Wi-Fi performance gains through firmware updates, and the latest firmware release gives me the ability to VPN back into my home network via the Teleport app.

As I work from home at least one day a week, it’ll get to the point where my home broadband will (vaguely) match that of the work connection – so using a VPN will ensure that any file transfers will remain fast.

I’ll report back when the connection goes live.