On this day 20 years ago..

.. I got married.

It was a wonderful day, good weather, and a great many people turned up. Though like most weddings you’re always left wondering if the bride would turn up as there was a delay (traffic, I believe). We both arrived at the venue (Tabley House in Cheshire) in a vintage car that used to be owned by Alan Titchmarsh, no less.

Jennifer and I were married for 12 years in total, and we got to travel the world and do things that many people will never get to do in their lifetime. The way I view the separation and divorce (and indeed the whole relationship) is that Jennifer came into my life when I needed her the most, but somebody else needs her now and she is there for them. Listen, I’m positive about the whole thing because there really isn’t any reason not to be. People come and go in one’s life, but everyone adds value to it. Regrets, I have a few, but we did it our way and will always look back on our relationship with fondness and some amazing memories.

As for new relationships, I will admit to feeling a lot more guarded than I used to be. That said, this pandemic has given me a lot of thinking time and a relationship is perhaps the least important thing on my mind right now – especially given the overall level of crap you get from online dating sites which only work if you through substantial amounts of cash at them for misaligned matches. What I need to do is more social activity – which is considerably more difficult in a continuing global pandemic – but it’s something I will definitely look at doing when the time is right.