No longer just Let’s Encrypt, cPanel offers free Comodo-backed SSL certificates

With the latest release (to the CURRENT tier, which is considered “release candidate” worthy) of cPanel/WHM, you can now obtain completely free 90 day SSL certificates from cPanel themselves (backed by Comodo) for your web site.  This requires version 58 of cPanel/WHM.  These certificates will automatically be renewed.


This blog is already using them, and long may I do so.  As I’ve said earlier, obtaining SSL certificates for securing usernames and passwords or e-commerce is now the cheapest (e.g. free) it’s ever been.  There’s absolutely no excuse to run a web site that’s not secured by an SSL certificate now.  None.

If you don’t want to use Comodo backed SSL certificates, there will be a Let’s Encrypt plugin for cPanel/WHM appearing soon from cPanel themselves.

Memset win Best Dedicated Hosting in the 2016 ISPA Awards!

We won, in part, due to my superb support team.  Couldn’t ask for a better bunch.  Always striving to be the best and fastest (response) for support in the industry.

ISPA Award Winners 2016

Best Dedicated Hosting winner: Memset

Memset’s response times, technical support options and resilience impressed the judges, as did having IPv6 as standard and their commitment to being carbon neutral.

Top Gear: The Next Next Generation

Well, I suppose it wasn’t entirely unexpected that Chris Evans was going to step down from Top Gear (although uncannily announced the same day as Nigel Farage stepping down from UKIP – maybe they’re swapping jobs? (grin – wink)).

That said, the Top Gear team doesn’t need to hire anybody new to replace Evans.  We already have a great line-up.  Chris Harris, Rory Reid, Sabine Schmidt and Eddy Jordan.  I’ve found Chris Harris to be a very capable, very good presenter out of the 5 remaining presenters (The Stig doesn’t count as a presenter, not unless they give him a laser pointer or a very big stick – and that’s probably asking for trouble).  Rory Reid, too, is a very good presenter and his presenting on Extra Gear brings the Top Gear format a fresh and much-needed update (although I do feel, especially now, that Rory’s skills are much more needed in the main programme now that Evans has gone).

So my vote would go to Chris Harris to lead the next series.  He’s definitely the best qualified out of the team.  Chris is an experienced automotive journalist, just like Jeremy Clarkson, who has many years working  in print and TV.  So why try to find somebody new to replace Evans?

Back to the Windows (Future): Part Two

Settling in reasonably well with Windows 10.  Next month we’ll all be getting the Anniversary Update which will make some changes to the Start menu (which I think is for the better based on my experience from the preview builds I’ve been testing with at work) as well as a few other bits and bobs.

Windows as a Service (WaaS) is the way forward.  There will no Windows 11.  And depending on how technically adventurous you are, you can switch to using Insider Builds which provide you with the latest and greatest new features and bug fixes before they’re unleashed on the public.  Even so, I still stick with the regular builds at home.  I only use the Insider Builds on virtual machines that I run at work.

One thing that had been bugging me over the past couple of weeks was finding a local backup utility to store copies of my files on my local NAS (network attached storage), a WD MyCloud (6Tb) which sits on my gigabit switch hooked up to the Sky Q Hub.  I tried Crashplan which also backs up to its own servers, but found it to be too slow (and Crashplan’s high-resolution support isn’t great).  I also tried Acronis TrueImage 2016, but found that to be far too slow as well – and found that it didn’t recover very well if the backup was interrupted – the UI froze a lot.

I then remembered that I had a product I used way back when I was using Windows before the great migration to the Mac, SyncBack Pro.  But, alas, it has the worst high-resolution display support of any of the backup products and I have to remove it.  I mentioned this to the developers who told me I could create a file that would help improve that – but I’d have to re-create it with each new update.  Why this couldn’t be handled via the UI I don’t know.  So I gave up on that one.

It turns out that I had the solution under my nose all the time!  Kaspersky’s Total Security 2016.  I bought a multiple device license – one for my Android device and the other for the Windows desktop.  It’s very good indeed and I hadn’t realised that it comes with a backup/restore function.  So I’ve been backing up to the NAS using something I had.

For online backups I still use Backblaze.  Provides unlimited backups, but versioning only up to 30 days.  So if you delete a file and try to retrieve it after 30 days, you’ll probably be out of luck.  Hence the local backups.  I’d have preferred to use Crashplan which allows for unlimited versioning across any number of days, weeks and months, but as I’ve said, the main thing that’s holding me back is the lack of high-resolution display support.

I do hope Microsoft consider doing more work to improve high-resolution display scaling.  If Apple can do it successfully with OS X (or MacOS as it will be called), I can’t see why Microsoft can’t.  It’s time to ditch legacy and look to the future of Windows.  It can’t be too longer before 5K monitors and beyond will be the norm.  Windows  need to be ready for this along with all Windows developers.

Meanwhile, I’m selling my Xbox One in preparation for the Xbox One S.  Ultra HD Blu Ray support PLUS the ability to game (stream to a PC) and PC integration (controller can be used with a PC for gaming via Bluetooth) for less than £350?  Yes please.  The Xbox One (S) is effectively running its own version of Windows 10, so that’ll be getting the Anniversary Update too.

Hodor! Hodor! Silence in the house!

Well, the past week has been quite fascinating from a political point of view.  I’d never thought of myself being particularly political, but after the farce of the last week, I’m getting interested in the whole thing.  I’ve purchased a trial subscription to the Economist (my boss reads it and often quotes, so it makes sense to buy my own sub), and..

I’ll soon be a member of the Conservative party.  And rejoining the Labour party.  All for less than a large mocha and a pain au chocolat from Costa.

I’m almightily sick of the power struggle within our two main political parties.  We should all be working together to get this country back on track because for the next couple of years IF article 50 is ever invoked means that we’re going to have to be friendly and polite towards each other to get things done.  Not backstabbing, career progressing, self-serving nonsense that’s coming from both camps.

Initially I was going to just be a member of the Conservatives.  I’ve never been a Conservative member before, and perhaps only voted for them once in all the years I’ve been voting.  But if these guys are going to be in charge for a bit longer, one needs to know what’s going on, what’s being said, and what’s being done.  And the ability to vote after three months will be a bonus (eventually) whenever the (inevitable) power struggle occurs again.

Ditto for Labour.  I’m so angry with those MPs that resigned.  Corbyn may not have been as vocal as he could be – but he’s not one of these people that foam at the mouth.  He has stated Labour’s position on the referendum and their stance on Europe: remain.  But what can the shadow cabinet honestly do?  Mind you, I terminated my Labour membership earlier this year when the shadow cabinet barely raised eyebrows at Theresa (“I’m running for PM”) May’s Snooper’s Charter bill.

I feel utterly useless at times when it comes to voting.  We desperately need to re-think the first past the post system, along with many other matters that result in the voters ending up with an entirely different outcome to what they think will happen.  I’m not saying that I’m bitter because I didn’t get the result I wanted, just that if X happens, I should expect Y or Z, not A, B or C.

I’ll see how things go, and will then drop support for the political party I think have stuffed it up the most.  At the moment that goes to Labour.  With enough support it may be possible to steer the Conservatives in the right direction somehow.  Somehow.

(Good job I’m generally positive about things, isn’t it?)

Willoughby the dog from Tex Avery’s Of Fox and Hounds, for me, sums up British politics and politicians at the moment: