Pillock in a Reasonably Priced Car

The driving lessons continue.

This week I drove from Dunsfold Aerodrome to Guildford, and then through Guildford’s horrendous one-way system back to Dunsfold where I executed a reverse manoeuvre, albeit initially missing the reverse gear, and nearly ploughing into my employer’s security gates – but apart from that, it was nearly perfect!  Is there any more room for an eighth presenter of Top Gear?

My ability to regulate speed is much better this week, but I still need to work on keeping an eye on signs and road markings.  But I was much better than last week.  I more or less kept within the requisite speed limits this time!  But it still needs a bit more work.

But what I need to work most on most of all are roundabouts.  Roundabouts – the most horrible thing ever to happen to motoring.  I kept getting the lane change wrong, along with timing for changing lanes, plus dealing with the whole M-S-M, and speaking of signalling – it was all over the place with me either fiddling with signals (wrongly) during the manoeuvre or giving the wrong signal.

The worst part was joining the A281 in Guildford.   Three lanes.  I had to keep to the middle, but did I?  No, I did not – not without intervention from my instructor Paul, who has the patience of a Saint.  And I kept mucking it up on other roundabouts too.  Even when it was a small roundabout with one or two exits.

Oh, and I didn’t M-S-M properly when positioning to turn right in the middle of a busy road (which has space for that very purpose).  So I need to remember that.

One more thing: to get out of Parking mode on an automatic, one’s foot has to be pressing the brake pedal.

I’ll get the hang of this darn driving thing one day.  In the meantime, a sobering TV show that reinforces the need to watch out for hazards is ITV’s Car Crash Britain: Caught on Camera.  One could argue it’s exploitative, but I see it as an educational supplement as to what one could potentially face while driving.