Rejecting do not reply/no-reply emails

I’m utterly fed up with any company or organisation that deploys [email protected] email addresses to send out generic (or even targeted) crap that doesn’t give me the ability to reply to it.

If I start to see a pattern emerging from [email protected] addresses, they’ll get added to the ever-increasing list of banned email addresses and you’ll see the following rejection message:

REJECTED: Your mail has been rejected. Please do not send using a non-monitored email address (no-reply). Please re-send from a mailbox that is monitored by humans.

All that means is that you’ll need to re-send your message from a mailbox that’s monitored by humans. Stop making my life more difficult if I want to reply, or to ask questions. Or at the very least include contact information in your email. I had to give Cloudflare a bollocking for this (and I *love* Cloudflare, I really do – they’re powering this site) – especially when I had a question relating to GDPR and thank goodness I knew somebody there already that could answer my query – though not why they use no-reply addresses.

So stop it. Stop using no-reply sending addresses and actually make it look as if you give a damn about your communications strategy. If you’re doing it to simply stop a deluge of email, you’re not doing it right – there are ways and means of dealing with it.