Securing cPanel/WHM services with a wildcard SSL certificate

All this is moot.

From version 56 of cPanel/WHM onwards, cPanel will generate a Comodo-backed SSL certificate for your server’s hostname.  It won’t protect proxied service URLs such as webmail.*, cpanel.*, whm.*, etc. but it will allow you to access cPanel/WHM via a fully certified certificate.

From version 58 of cPanel/WHM onwards, every domain on your cPanel/WHM server is able to receive a free Comodo-backed SSL certificate – valid for 90 days, but is automatically regenerated by the system.  It’s an alternative to Let’s Encrypt, support for which will be eventually be made available via an external plugin.

  • Vasi

    Do I really need a wildcard SSL cert? What if I install a normal SSL on the hostname and redirect all to hotname on SSL from Tweak Settings > Redirection?

  • Ostii Ananda

    Thanks Martyn

    Will this work for a reseller hosting account on a shared server?

    I currently have the issue that in order for my clients to log into their accounts on a secure connection, they have to use the server url from the hosting company I buy the reseller service from.

    • Apologies for the late reply.

      I’m not sure to be honest – I don’t have much experience with the reseller element of cPanel/WHM. From my limited mucking about, it doesn’t look as though you can apply a wildcard SSL to your reseller services.