Sky Q Hub: IPv6 ready

The Sky Q Hub recently got an update which has seen more devices that support the next generation of IP addressing (IPv6).  My Mac, Kindle and a few other devices now get local IPv6 addresses via the Sky Q Hub. But alas, no remote IPv6 support yet.  But it suggests that Sky could be one of the first commercial ISPs to use IPv6 via the WAN.  I do hope so.  It won’t matter to too many people, but for somebody whose work entails working with these technologies, it’d be good to see the adoption of rate of IPv6 in the UK increase.

I’m still delighted with my Sky Q set-up.  The internet connection has been rock solid.  I have a static IP.  No compatibility issues with any of my Apple kit with shared SSID for 2.4Ghz/5Ghz bands either.  Everything I’ve thrown at the Sky Q Hub works (which, incidently, runs a version of BusyBox).

The Sky Q Mini upstairs continues to work like magic, and the Sky Q Silver box downstairs continues to work as advertised.  I’ve had four recordings on the go while watching other shows (or I’ve been upstairs and used the Sky Q mini to watch live TV using the Sky Q Silver’s additional tuners).

In short: all this has been a very worthwhile investment.  Virgin Media will be given notice shortly, and I’ll happily remain a Sky customer providing they continue to keep things ticking along nicely.