Sky Q Installation part 1: “Openreach for the Sky, mister!”

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(Originally published in February 2016)

In a two, possibly three part, series of blog posts about the Sky Q installation, I’ll highlight the areas where it was fantastic and areas where it wasn’t quite so fantastic.  With the actual Q installation not far off, my biggest problem at the moment is getting Sky Broadband Unlimited working at home.

The Sky Q Hub –  the centre of the Sky Q universe

’tis a lovely looking piece of kit.  Black, and smallish, and with just two ethernet ports and an A|VDSL phone connect socket, it’s simple, but should offer a range of features that should pummel the Virgin Media SuperHub 2AC into submission.  Especially with built-in powerline support.

But alas! I can’t use it yet.  For you see, despite being hooked up to Sky Broadband at the local exchange, and I have Sky Talk activated and working (albeit for a lack of caller ID it seems – I need to check that out), there appears to be sweet nothing at all internet-wise between my house and the exchange, which leads me to think BT Openreach did something when I let BT Infinity 2 go last year.  Thankfully I currently have Virgin Media’s Vivid 200 package at the moment, but for me it’s a bit of an overkill.  I’m looking to eventually move to Sky Fibre Unlimited or Fibre Unlimited Pro (if it ever comes to my area).

Without Sky Broadband working, and without the Sky Q Hub talking to Sky Broadband, the Sky Q installation is about as much use as a dead pigeon in pigeon racing.  Nobody knows if Sky Q Silver will work straight out the box with a Virgin Media connection if Sky Q Hub isn’t working due to Openreach mucking things up – probably not within the installer’s remit if so.

The BT Openreach Problem

I spoke – at some length – to a lady at Sky who took me through all the diagnostic bits and bobs, including removing the faceplate from my former BT Infinity connection to test voice and data.  Voice works, data doesn’t.   She was exceptionally helpful and patient, and indeed, it was one of the best support experiences I’ve encountered with any company in ages.  So I was impressed with Sky’s support despite the problems – not that I’ve had to use it much over the years.  It’s generally Just Worked(tm).   So a Sky engineer was booked for the previous weekend.

The Sky engineer turns up, but does nothing.  Because he can’t, unfortunately.  The frustration with BT and Openreach is that non-BT/Openreach folk don’t have access to the cabinets to check and perform tests between the cabinet and the house it’s supposed to be connected to.   That’s where I reckon the problem lies.  After many phone calls, some of which were bounced about because my account is now with the Sky Q team now, an appointment has been arranged for BT Openreach to come out and get the problem fixed.

Further updates as they occur this week, but I’m putting my money on the cabinet.