Snowmageddon: Beast from the East

So, we had a tiny bit of snow this week. 

For the most part, it wasn’t all bad, though I did have to work from home for two days because buses went missing in Woking (well, rather they broke down) and trains weren’t directly stopping at Wimbledon and were also highly delayed.

Woking High Street, Thursday 1st March. Waiting for the bus to take me back home because none of the regular trains was running, and stopping services were highly delayed.
The naughty chair.

The worst day, however, was Friday.  I had to go in because company Windows laptops do not configure themselves.  I’d like to take this opportunity to say to Microsoft that their feature update system is just terrible.  When I got the brand new laptop on Tuesday, the first thing it did was offer the feature update.  2 hours into updating, it got stuck at 89%.  I couldn’t leave the laptop running overnight, so I had to stick it in sleep mode.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 feature update is just terrible.

I managed to get into the office on Friday – in fact, getting in was just brilliant because the schools in the area had closed and the bus and train I usually take arrived dead on time.

So I opened the laptop’s lid and after an hour, it got to 94% and that’s when I decided enough was enough and rebooted.  Then Windows Update completed failed.  Having sorted that out (which is a substantial pain in the arse), I tried again – only to encounter this:

Ruddy Windows feature update!

However, in the background, the system was preparing the 1709 feature update.   But four hours later, having got to 94% and staying there, and with South Western Railway announcing that they were shutting services early, I cancelled the whole lot.  I upgraded Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro, installed all the software needed and got it to join the company domain.  That’s another thing that annoys the living heck out of me – you have to pay Microsoft at least £100 for the privilege of connecting a Windows client to a domain now.

Having set-up the laptop and got it all ready to go on the desk that it’ll be used, I left work early to try and catch a train home.  Severe delays galore.  I looked at the possibility of Ubering or Getting (Gett, an app for black taxis) home – but at around £100 – no thanks.  Eventually, a train heading to Guildford came along, so I got on that and changed at Surbiton where – luckily – a train to Alton was waiting – so I jumped on that (and got a seat!) and got back to Woking.

As I didn’t have much to eat at home, I contemplated just buying enough stuff at Marks & Spencers Food at the train station, but there just wasn’t enough there to keep things going, so I took a taxi (since my bus app that tracks the progress of buses wasn’t showing the number I regular take) all the way to the local Sainsbury’s (which I would have ordered a delivery from, except their website had nothing available until Monday due to bad weather).  I was lucky to get a taxi since many drivers weren’t available as they were staying at home due to the bad weather.

Despite the weather and reports of “panic buying”, the local Sainsburys was remarkably quiet and had plenty of food.

I managed to do my shopping and waiting for the local bus which, it turns out, was running.  Except after waiting 30 minutes, I discovered on the bus company’s website that it wasn’t able to get down the road I needed to get off.  So I Ubered a taxi (£5) which came and got me after a 15-minute wait.  While we were leaving Sainsbury’s, a car had broken down just by the roundabout and had to be pushed to one side.

Meanwhile, during the day, my former colleagues at Memset were coping pretty well with the weather: