Sony Bravia 55″ TV KD-55XH90/P Review

Well, I am very much enjoying the benefits of my new TV. I opted for a 55″  Sony Bravia KD-55XH90/P model over my previous choice, as it has full array dimming and had a better overall rating from customers. It was also on sale during the Black Friday period. It replaces the 60″ LG 60UF770V 4K Ultra-HD Smart TV whose OS is now out of date by several years and is effectively a dumb TV now.

Undoubtedly the first thing I noticed about it was the colour reproduction is significantly better than the old 60″ LG TV and Dolby Vision/HDR10 content is nice and bright. Shadows are not crushed to death, and nighttime scenes are now watchable without tinkering with contrast.

The system ships with Android TV (but it’s not known whether Sony will provide the newest version called Google TV like their other models, or just keep it on Android TV – attempts to get any information out of Sony have been unsuccessful) and it’s generally okay – though I did find at one point I couldn’t update the Amazon Prime app because the internal storage had run out of space – so I had to delete a load of unnecessary apps and the demo TV content and now have 1.9Gb free.

It’s nice to have an extra HDMI port, and this TV supports 120Hz at 4K and a variable refresh rate for two of the ports – which should play nicely with the Xbox Series X which I’ve still yet to unbox and set up. In terms of setting up Sky Q and the other external devices, it’s been relatively easy. Only the Apple TV gave me some trouble – disable content frame rate if you’re using a paired set of AirPods Max with the Apple TV to listen to spatial audio/Dolby Atmos content, otherwise, you’ll suffer significant sync problems when the Sony TV and Apple TV fight it out for the correct frame rate. But the Sony UHD Blu-ray player Just Works(tm) and it’s nice to be able to use one remote control for both the disc player and TV.

The downside? I hadn’t fully anticipated the distance between the stand’s legs. While the cabinet I bought was designed with a 60″ TV in mind, it assumed that the stand would be centred (which it was in the case of the LG). Here, the stand legs sit near each end of the unit and..

Mind the gap!

.. well, as you can see from the above photo there are gaps between the metal legs and one end of the TV sits almost right on top of it. Thankfully the installers managed to use some of the TV’s own packaging to knock up a solution (of sorts) – hard cardboard at one end. But if you look closely:


It originally looked like this before I hacked off the end of the cardboard piece:

I don’t particularly want to buy another stand because this one is heavy, expensive, and I like it. And I like having a 55″ TV – I’ve hardly noticed any difference from a 60″ and it’s just the right size for this movie fan.

Hopefully, this thing should last me another 7 years before it’s time to replace it. By then maybe the display tech will have improved significantly (or maybe not), and I’ve had a chance to replace the cabinet with something a little bigger (and less heavy) that can accommodate the next TV properly.

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