Spam filtering for landlines..

Now I’ve moved back to Virgin Media for my landline, with a new phone number, one problem I had anticipated was the potential for nuisance calls – telemarketing, scammers, and so on.

So I did a bit of digging around and found the following phone that is capable of filtering incoming calls with relatively little work.  I came across the BT8610 phone (Good Housekeeping Institute). In essence, I just add a list of numbers that I want to allow at all times, and then set it to filter other calls – either by straight out blocking them, or force the caller to say who they are before the phone rings.  Or any combination thereof.

Telemarketers be gone!
If it’s good enough for the Queen and the Good Houskeeping Institute, it’s good enough for me.

It’s a more elegant solution than picking up the phone, confirming who you are, find it’s a company you don’t want to talk to, and hang up.

I’d still like a phone that would enable me to hook it up to my Google Contacts and control most filtering functions via a smartphone/tablet app – but maybe if Virgin’s plans for Voice over IP (VoIP) come to fruition, we could see a decent mix of old and new tech working together.

I’ll add a follow-up report once everything is set-up.