Star Wars: The Force Awakens .. and how!

Note: Some potential spoilers within, so avoid/skip this post if need be.

I took myself off to London yesterday to watch the brand new installment in the Star Wars saga.  I decided that such an occasion required watching this film on the biggest cinema screen available.  So it was at the Empire Leicester Square that I spent a small fortune (20 quid) on watching the exploits of the new rebel alliance.


I won’t give much of the plot away other than to say that this is Star Wars, not Star Peace.  The film borrows/recycles quite a few elements from the original 1976 Star Wars: A New Hope.  That in itself isn’t a bad thing, but what I will say is that you’d think the bad guys would have learnt their lessons by now.  Clearly the Dark side of the force makes people incredibly stupid.  Also I’m not sure why a certain character goes around wearing a mask for the majority of the time when he doesn’t actually need to.  It’s a bit like superheroes demanding they have to go around wearing capes and lycra.  That doesn’t make you a superhero, merely a costume fetishist.

Many familiar faces are brought back, and we’re introduced to quite a few new ones – who, hopefully, will be joining us throughout episodes VIII and IX.  BB-8 has featured significantly in the media and is every bit as good as you think he is.  He gets all the best lines too.

Overall, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a wonderful new addition to the saga and long may Disney/Lucasfilm continue producing them IF this standard is kept up.